About Us

About Us

The TeachersLoungeChat.com is a weekly podcast providing educational professionals with a unique opportunity and platform; one dedicated solely to giving you a voice. These podcasts invite discussions of timely educational issues which interest, motivate and inspire you along with those that cause angst and concern.

At The TeachersLoungeChat.com you shape the message.  Your views are respected and your opinions solicited. Unlike fora that provide educational “experts,” here you are the expert. In a relaxed and casual format you have the opportunity to speak your mind, advise your colleagues, and drive the agenda.  This forum invites anonymity should you so choose where your identity will not be revealed, or you can participate as part of a panel discussion if that is your preferred venue.  The TeachersLoungeChat.com format is accommodating and flexible.  This is your space!

This platform is designed to spur robust and lively discussions among educators.  Who among you will be next to sign on? Simply click on the “Get Featured” tab and await great things to follow.

Bio: Mary Lyon

Inspired by the vision and fortitude of this pioneering 19th Century legend, I adopted the pen name of Mary Lyon.  Her aspirations revolutionized teaching not only by opening education to women but by challenging teaching conventions–holding open discussion groups so students could freely exchange ideas. This concept catapulted Teachersloungechat.com

As someone who has extensively traveled, lived and taught abroad I can attest to the common thread uniting educators of all backgrounds: a deeply held conviction, passion and devotion to this noble profession.  Unfortunately, however, the universal sentiment about educators lacks respect, appreciation and an understanding of our profession. 

For this reason I want to empower, advocate and give voice to practitioners in the trenches who have no platform, feel unappreciated and devalued, but most significantly vilified and blamed for all of society’s ills and the failure of our youth.  There is no greater mission than being entrusted with teaching future generations.  These young minds are our nations hope and future.  This solemn responsibility we bear with pride and honor.

Therefore, as a fellow educator I remain vested more than ever in restoring pride and purpose to the field of education and ensuring our educators have a voice.

Bio: Martha Glenn

Influenced by my grandmother, Martha, and great-grandfather, Glenn, I have chosen the pen name Martha Glenn. Both of my grandparents were staples in the field of education in their respective fields and communities. They both believed that ALL students should have meaningful learning opportunities and receive a quality education. A philosophy I eventually adopted in my own classroom.

I have worked in the field of education for 10 years in various capacities. More recently, I taught at the secondary level within the following disciplines: Engineering, English as a Second or Foreign Language, Mathematics, and Special Education. Over my tenure in various districts and states, I found that educators have a powerful message to share and important stories to tell. I am excited to be a part of a program that supports and provides a platform for this expression.